The Band

INTENSIFIED are guaranteed to get people dancing and raise the spirits of all around them.
Playing authentic 60s style ska, rocksteady and reggae, the band’s goodtime feel, obvious love of this music and confidence in its wide appeal has led to near legendary status.The quality of their songs and joy in playing them live has gained the band a large following and a reputation as one of the world’s finest of this genre.

Three studio albums, an early compilation album and a live album, plus several 7” singles have received much critical acclaim in the music press, fanzine world, on the web and on radio stations across the globe. This in turn has meant a steady flow of gigging throughout Europe, with the band now a firm headline act.

INTENSIFIED have been fortunate enough to share a stage with dozens of bands and singers, from Jools Holland to an authentic Zulu choir, including most of the contemporary ska favourites around the globe: Hepcat, The Slackers, The Toasters, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra … 2 Tone stars such as The Selecter and Bad Manners … and original ska and reggae legends from the past and present including Prince Buster, Jimmy Cliff, Laurel Aitken, Desmond Dekker, Alton Ellis, Dennis Brown, Phylis Dillon, Morgan Heritage and the originators, Skatalites.

The band has also had the pleasure of working on stage with Jamaican greats Rico, Dennis Alcapone, Winston Francis and Dave Barker.

The band remains standing defiant against a sea of pop, punk and other modern interpretations of original Jamaican sounds, not against progress or to put up musical limitations, but to continue sharing the pure, untampered and uplifting styles with the world. The sheer energy and irresistible dance beat within the original ska and reggae forms are eternal and INTENSIFIED prove that it does not have to be turbo charged to have the whole crowd dancing, singing and smiling all night …

“Indispensable” – Dirty Faces zine, France.

“Superbly crafted tunes prove what their live shows have been suggesting for a while now, that they have matured into perhaps the finest authentic ska band

England has ever produced” – Do the Dog zine.


“Intensified, the boss reggae/ska orchestra from England” – Banana zine, Finland.


“Album of the month … an absolute heavyweight contender, Intensified set themselves ultra high standards to live up to … they don’t disappoint … anyone with even a slight taste for ska should make this an immediate addition to their collection. File under essential” – Scootering magazine.


“I really love watching Intensified play” – Greg Lee, Hepcat, USA.


“Wonderfully smooth and vibrant” – Metal Hammer.


“Paul Carter’s soft and sincere vocals are at the forefront, and their lilting feel defies charges of revivalism. On the evidence of the tracks here, Intensified are streets ahead of other bands in their genre, displaying both an adept songwriting skill and a respect for the music which has inspired them” – Record Collector.

“Intensified are doing something different from the 2 Tone clones and ska punk bandwagon .. Faceman Sound is a treat from start to finish … 9/10” – Metal Hammer.

“This record is simply amazing… young and old will love it … and there’s a Hammond organ that could make me reconcile with my ex.This record is a must. Go and get it” – Ska Ba Dip zine, Italy.